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Is there a correlation between greenhouse gas emissions and economic power? What role do renewable energies play in the energy supply of different countries? Which countries have ratified the Kyoto Protocol?


 The Map Creator provides answers on these and other questions. You can interactively create maps on climate policy by combining multifaceted information on climate policy with data of energy supply and socio-economic factors for 27 countries and regions of the world. The choice of countries is due to their impact on climate protection. Here you can find an overview of the countries and data included.


The Fact Sheets summarize information on climate policy regarding a country or a specific issue. The Fact Sheets are based on the data of the Map Creator and display selected sets of data in a concise way.

 For background information complementary to the Map Creator and the Fact Sheets we kindly recommend the country information service of the International Energy Agency (IEA). Links will guide you to the national policies and measures relating to climate protection.

You are welcome to download the Maps and Fact Sheets from this website. Please follow the terms of use.

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